Scientific Advisory Board Members:

Chairman and Scientific Director: Professor Christian Corda of the Institute for Basic Research, USA;
Co-Chairman: Professor Francesco Fucilla Founder of the Telesio Galilei Academy of Science;


Members in alphabetical order

Professor D.D. Osheroff  Nobel Laureate. Department of Physics & Applied Physics Stanford University USA.
Professor Burra Sidharth Physicist Mathematician. Birla Science Centre Hyderabad India.
Professor Sean Alan Ali of the University at Albany-SUNY, Albany, New York, USA;
Prof. A. Animalu of the International Centre for Basic Research at Abuja, Nigeria;
Professor A.K. Aringazin of the Institute for Basic Research at Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan;
Professor Francesco Battaglia of the University of Modena, Italy;
Professor José Luis López-Bonilla of the National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico;
Professor Carlo Cafaro of the University of Camerino, Italy; 
Professor Martin Cloonan of the Chemistry Department, School of Science Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Ireland;
Professor Bruno Denantes Vice Rector of the Lium University;
Professor Jeremy Dunning­-Davies President of the Telesio Galilei Academy of Science;
Professor, Hon. Luc Ferry, Philosopher and Government Minister for France. 
Professor Lorenzo Iorio, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, United Kingdom;
Professor Hossein Javadi of the the Tehran University, Iran;
Professor Rasool Javahery of the Tehran University, Iran;
Professor Gaurav Khanna of the University of Massachusetts, USA;
Professor Hoon Kim of the Institute for the Early Universe, South Korea;
Professor Darryl Leiter of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, USA (IN MEMORIAM); 
Professor Abhas Mitra of the Theoretical Astrophysics Section of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, India;
Professor Marco Morelli of the Fondazione Prato Ricerche, Italy;
Professor Herman J. Mosquera Cuesta of the Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas, Brazil;
Professor Mario Pagliaro of the Institute for Scientific Methodology of Italy; 
Professor Ammar Sakaji of the Naval College, United Arab Emirates;
Professor David Sands of the Hull University, United Kingdom;
Professor Franco Selleri Deputy Chairman of the Telesio Galilei Academy of Science;
Professor B. G. Sidharth of the International Institute for Applicable Mathematics & Information Sciences, B. M. Birla Science Centre, India;
Professor Theodore Simos of the University of Peloponnese, Greece;
Professor J. P. Singh of the Indian Institute of Technology, India;
Professor Epifanio Troina of the San Marino Department for Research, San Marino;
Professor George Tsoupros;
Professor Bhadra Man Tuladhar of the Kathmandu University, Nepal;
Professor Constantin Udriste of the University Politehnica of Bucharest;
Professor Richard Amoroso;Noetic Advanced Studies Institute;

Other prestigious International Scientists are to join the Scientific Advisory Board.

Honorary Associates in alphabetical order (list to be updated):

Professor Sean Alan Ali, Professor Alex Animalu, Professor Carlo Cafaro, Professor Jeremy Dunning­-Davies, Professor Lorenzo Iorio, Professor Dong-Hoon Kim, Professor Darryl Leiter (IN MEMORIAM), Professor Abhas Mitra, Professor Herman J. Mosquera Cuesta, the National Mathematical Centre of Abuja Nigeria, Professor Ammar Sakaji, Professor David Sands, Professor Theodore Simos.

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Prof. Roberto Mignani, Member of IFM,s Scientific Advisory Board.
Prof. Anil Bhalekar of the University of Nagpur, Chemistry Department. Member of IFM,s Scientific Advisory Board.